Rules and Regulations

  • Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Low Chairs only (no more than 6” off the ground and 21” to top of chair)
  • Do not touch the Oak Trees
  • Do not touch or aggravate any wildlife
  • Do not touch the actors, the actors will not touch you
  • No costumes, masks, props, allowed
  • Fur Free, We have enough blood and guts so please do not wear fur
  • No overnight parking
  • Leave all metal objects in your car
  • Smoking is prohibited
  • There are roaming scare actors:  Please do NOT touch the actors.  The actors will NOT touch you.

What Time Do the Doors Open


What Time Does the Movie Start

7:30pm, however beginning in April as the sun sets later we will start approximately 20 minutes after sunset.

Are Tickets Sold at the Door

Yes, however, tickets have sold out in the past.  We highly recommend you purchase tickets online in advance.  Onsite ticket sales are $25.  (HINT: That’s MORE than on the ol’ interweb.  You got the interweb, we all do.  Just buy ‘em in advance).

Are there Roaming Monsters?

Does Bigfoot dookie in the woods? Heck yeah there are roaming Monsters! That’s half the fun! Now, don’t worry, the Monsters will NOT touch you.   And REMEMBER, you CAN NOT touch them.  Want them to go away toot-suite? Just say “I want my Mommy” and they’ll scurry on to someone else.

I’ve Heard There Is A Pre-Show

Don’t believe everything you hear…except in this case.  There IS indeed fabulous pre-show entertainment filled with games, prizes, and the most handsome Host this side of the embalming table! Don’t miss it.

How Does Seating Work

Seating is first-come, first-served.  In order to accommodate everyone comfortably please set up closely to each other and leave no empty spaces on the lawn.  That’s right, make a new friend, it won’t kill ya.

Please bring low chairs no more than 6” off the ground and 21” to top of chair.  Taller chairs will be asked to sit off to the sides.

Are There Snacks?

Yes, we have a great assortment of snacks and beverages for cash purchases.  You may also bring along a picnic.  Please be courteous and pick up after yourself.  Your Mom’s not going to be there, and if she is, she’s like us and has better things to do than pick up after you.  I know.  It’s hard to be an adult.

Is Parking Available

Yes, Griffith Park has free parking lots. We have outlined the parking lots onthe website homepage.  Ten Thirty One Productions in not responsible for theft or damage to vehicles or contents.  Free Parking in Los Angeles? That’s worth the price of admission alone!


Smoking is prohibited in Los Angeles City Parks.


No candles, barbeques, or open flames.  Remember the whole no smoking thing? Yeah, no tiki torches or funeral pyres either.

Are Pets Allowed?

Well behaved pets are permitted.  Pets must remain on leash at all times and please pick up after your pets.  You know what we mean, and you know who you are…

Are Children Allowed

Film selection may not be suitable for all ages. Please read more about movie ratings at  R-Restricted – Under 17 requires accompanying by a parent or adult guardian. Must present an ID upon arrival.  Please check movie content before bringing children.  But hey, they ain’t our kid.

What if it Rains?

Shhh, we never say the “r” word.   We are open rain or shine.  In the case of extreme weather and we decide the event should be postponed and/or rescheduled, your tickets will be transferred to the new event date or reallocated to another movie night.

All changes will be posted on our website at and on social media.

Do I have to Print my Ticket

You can.  You can also ride in on a dinosaur, listening to your 8-Track, and drinking a Surge Soda…but it’s 2017.  We encourage you to save a tree and just scan your smartphone at the gate.

I’m Having a Ticketing Problem

Please contact customer service with our ticketing company:

How Do Seasons Pass Tickets Work

Congratulations! We’ll be spending a lot of time together.  You will receive an email with individual tickets for each movie.

I Have Season Passes but the Event is Sold Out

Not for you, it isn’t! We make sure to leave space for our Seasons Pass holders.

Are the Events ADA Accessible

How Can I Get Involved

What Other Events Do You Produce

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, New York Haunted Hayride, Great Horror Campout, and Ghost Ship.  To keep yourself up to date with all our events and discounts sign up for our scare seekers club here.

Private Events